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Megaflo unvented cylinder service

Megaflo unvented cylinder service

What is involved in a megaflo unvented cylinder service?

First check your service engineer has got the correct qualifications to work on pressurised cylinders.  He or she should be unvented qualified to work on pressurised cylinders by law. Check the status of our gas safe engineers by visiting the gas safe register.

Standard Inspection and Service procedure

  • We will firstly carry out a check by manually operating the temperature and pressure relief valve for a few seconds (this is normally located near the top of the cylinder)
  • We’ll manually operate pressure relief valve for few seconds ( near isolation valve or part of cold combination valve)
  • We’ll check water is discharged and that it flows freely through the tundish and discharge pipe.
  • we’ll check both valves reseats correctly , if necessary replace it (additional charges apply)
  • We’ll check water strainer for debris or scale build ups.
  • we’ll re charge air gap in the cylinder or
  • We’ll re charge external expansion vessel to correct charge

If you want to do a through descaling, we’ll drain off the cylinder and remove immersion heater(s) and inspect the cylinder and clean scale build up if necessary.

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