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Boiler Repair vs New Boiler Installation

Sometimes we all face a difficult decision, should you replace or repair your boiler. Whilst most of us will try and repair the old boiler, is this really the best thing to do? are you pouring your hard earned money into an inefficient boiler that will keep on eating away into your savings?.

If your heating system is over 10 years old, my advice is it is probably time to say goodbye to your old inefficient heating system for the following reasons:

1. Once a critical part fails, this will only be the start of the problem. I find when visiting my customers homes this is the start of a slippery slope.
2. New systems come with up to 10 year manufacturer warranties which means peace of mind for you. When you purchase a new system, make sure you service this in line with the manufacturer requirements.

Recently we attended a boiler repair job in Leicester. It’s a rented property. Boiler is not working red light flashing. Tenant tried to reset boiler few times did not work.On arrival initial inspection, red light flashing and pressure relief valve is dripping out side. Water pressure is in the near red line. Tenant is regularly topping up boiler pressure. It means expansion vessel faulty/blocked, or filling loop left open(passing) or mains water getting into boiler(pin holes in secondary plate to plate heat exchanger). After initial diagnostic test on this boiler we found out that printed circuit board is faulty too. Worn out relay is trying to make contact. Tenant told us that board was replaced year ago. Being an old none condensing boiler, over 14 years old needs new printed circuit board, expansion vessel and pressure relief valve. Materials cost is over £300 and plus the labour costs. This boiler needs a full strip down service too. We put a quote for the repair and also for a new boiler installation.

If the parts are available we can fix the problem. But in a long term will it contentiously work?

The chances of a new fault developing again is very likely due to age of the boiler and poor service record. Boilers tend to breakdown in the cold months.  New boilers come with up to 10 year manufacturer warranty (terms and condition apply)

What is Better? Boiler repair vs New Boiler installation

Other consideration…..

Have you got other heating problems? Like are the radiators getting warm top to bottom evenly, Are there any cold spot. Are you bleeding radiators regularly etc

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