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Worcester Bosch Boiler Service

Worcester Bosch Boiler Service

What is involved in Worcester Bosch Boiler Service

Manufacturers and Gas Safe recommend gas boilers to be serviced regularly by a competent person. One is to make sure warranty is valid and check the appliance working as it should be.Worcester Bosch Boiler Service carried out by certified and trained professionals.

  • Inspect your boiler installation and controls¬† to make sure that fit manufacturer recommended standards and comply with Building regulation in England
  • Visual inspection of entire length of the flue. If the flue pass through in loft, we’ll check that too.
  • Visual inspection for leaks and corrosion in and out of boiler
  • Inspect expansion vessel for correct charge. If necessary re charge vessel pressure ( check your service engineer carries this on annually)
  • We will run a series of Worcester Bosch test using built in functions on current boiler. i.e inspect the ionization probe need cleaning or replacing. We’ll write down the current reading in your service record book. So that when we come next year we can compare the current result and tell you whether its need replacing or not.
  • We’ll do a negative fan pressure test using digital pressure gauge. If the pressure test reading is good carry on next stage.( i.e not a full strip down service). If the pressure readings are high( negative reading) we will do a full strip down of burner and cleaned them thoroughly.¬† We may pour water into heat exchanger to flush out derbies. We may even replace burner seal if necessary.
  • Clean the condense syphone thoroughly.
  • We’ll do flue performance check by flue gas analaiser and give you a print out.
  • If necessary re set gas valve to achieve correct air/gas ratio
  • We’ll do gas pressure test and gas rate your boiler
  • We’ll reset annual service reminder
  • if you have Worcester Bosch or Adey magnetic filter, we’ll clean the magnet and refill and vent central heating system
  • Will provide a service record¬† certificate and fill in Worcester Bosch Boiler Service warranty record.
  • If you prefer to add inhibitor to heating system we’ll do it for an extra charge.
  • Replacing worn out or faulty parts are charged accordingly.

How long does a boiler service take?

It depend on the last service or the age of boiler.A typical gas boiler service normally takes between 30 – 40 minutes to complete. If it a major strip down full service it may take up to 2 hours.

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